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Sustainability means many things to different people. We know that we all have an impact on our environment, and we want that impact to be a positive one. Positive in human well-being, ecological health, sound use of resources, waste reduction, and economics. We will work with you to achieve your sustainability goals, whether you are a business, school, non profit, or government organization. We can identify areas where real improvements are both possible and practical and help you put solutions into practice.


Our strengths lie in our diverse knowledge background and ability to personalize to your needs, as well as the following areas:


Sustainability Plans


Waste Reduction


Water Use Reduction


Energy Efficiency


Rain Gardens


Green Stormwater Management


Native Plantings


Habitat Enhancement


Feasibility Analysis


Urban redevelopment


Open space enhancement

Case Studies.

Case studies

Taylor GeoServices Sustainability Plan

Before we talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Our sustainability team is continually evolving and developing our own company sustainability plan. Improvement starts with educating, and we welcome open dialogue between all staff, young and old, on the topic and its practical applications. As a small business, we believe most improvements can be made with everyday practices.

Stocking reusable, recycled, or low-environmental impact products. Improving energy efficiency with our lighting and heating. Reducing our travel through remote and virtual applications. Coordinating site visits. Selective purchases, waste reduction and proper disposal of electronic and other waste. We have already begun acting on these initiatives. Documenting our plan and actions shows our accomplishments and identifies where we are still able to improve.

Urban Stormwater Planning

Delaware County, Pennsylvania

It should not be a surprise that with dense development, higher impermeable coverage, and increased rainfall, comes worsening stormwater runoff and flooding. This does not just happen to large commercial and city settings.

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Residential properties are equally subject to stormwater issues, such as older communities when remodeling, expansions, and landscaping alter the original coverage. A homeowner experiencing a drastic increase in stormwater runoff and flooding relied on TGS to evaluate their infrastructure and future planning and develop a plan to sustainably mitigate the properties stormwater.

Over the years, grading gets altered, yardscaping is added, original soils are compacted, downspouts are ineffective, and neighbors change the topographic grade for previous overland flow. TGS evaluated the current setting, developed grading plans with aerial photogrammetry, prepared costs for alternatives, and provided the homeowner with a report of recommendations and conceptual planning. The homeowner was able to implement recommendations and coordinate strategies in their future design plans.


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