Taylor GeoServices (TGS)
is an Environmental, Geology, Water and Earth Resources Consulting Firm.

TGS showcases a Talented Team of Licensed Professionals, Geologists, Scientists, Specialists, Technicians, Managers and Administrative Staff.

No matter where you are, we Provide Service throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, the Mid-Atlantic Region, and Nation.

Our Clients come from a wide range of sectors; fortune 500 corporations, private industry, business owners, consultants, engineers, contractors, non-profit groups, municipalities, government agencies, financial institutions, developers and individual property owners.

TGS Professionals have expertise in many disciplines, providing the talent for an individual task, completing a multi-disciplined project, as a specialist on your team, or guiding your day to day compliance.

You get Strong Leadership, individual initiative, combined with education, experience, and practical knowledge, to successfully resolve challenges in every project.

Explore our web site, request a Statement of Qualifications, and always feel free to contact us directly. We still answer our own phone and are Here to Help.

So whether it's outlining a new project, finding a unique solution to an existing task, or resolving that problematic compliance issue, TGS is your Go To team of professionals.