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Taylor GeoServices (TGS) assists clients, engineers, developers, planners, and non-profits with property development and land use. With years of experience and an understanding of the end goal, our service is goal-oriented. When your project goes beyond straightforward, we provide novel ideas and solutions to move the project forward.


Preliminary Hydrogeologic Studies


Groundwater Nitrate Evaluation


Fracture Trace Analysis


Sink Hole Mitigation


Carbonate Assessments




Aerial Photograph Mapping


Alluvial & Hydric Soils Delineation

Case Studies.

Case studies

Groundwater Nitrate Evaluation
Proposed Residential Development

Chester County, Pennsylvania

Taylor GeoServices (TGS) assisted the client during the planning approval stages of a residential subdivision. Public sewer was not available to the property and the developer needed on-lot options that maximized strategy, were affordable, and protective of the environment.

A preliminary hydrogeologic study and groundwater nitrate modeling identified necessary lots sizes for using conventional on-lot septic systems. Monitoring wells were installed to collect site specific water quality, groundwater flow, and aquifer characteristics. Through multiple planning stages and engineering layouts, nitrate plume analyses were done for on-lot systems, package systems and drip field scenarios.

Modeling ranged from simple mass balance equations and conceptual design, to more complex Modflow analysis. Providing vital planning throughout the process allowed the developers team to engineer their design plans for submission and approval.

Sink Holes & Carbonate Assessments Property
Development & Stormwater Management System

York County, Pennsylvania

Carbonate assessments involve an understanding of the local bedrock geology, topography, and hydrogeology to identify potential sinkhole prone areas. Visual observations, aerial photographs, historical knowledge, and available documentation assist in identifying sinkholes and depressions. When a more detailed evaluation is necessary, geophysical surveys and exploratory investigations can be employed. In these cases, there is no single technology that will identify sinkholes under all geologic conditions, however, the proper geophysics for the conditions can optimize exploratory borings and provide a considerable cost advantage.

Taylor GeoServices (TGS) used their geology expertise to assess a property development underlain by carbonate geology. In accordance with township ordinance, the property and specifically the area of a proposed stormwater management basin had to be investigated by a Pennsylvania Professional Geologist. TGS completed the assessment and worked with the project engineer to satisfy the client and township’s concerns and requirements.

Trail Mapping & Interactive Display
Land Conservancy Properties

Chester County, Pennsylvania

Taylor GeoServices (TGS) used GPS technology and GIS to map the trail systems at Land Conservancy properties. An interactive map was created showing the trail systems and special features that could be observed along the trail.


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