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At Taylor GeoServices, we specialize in providing comprehensive services that bridge the gap between regulatory compliance and safe operations. Our seasoned experts specialize in providing comprehensive solutions that align with regulatory standards. From fostering health and safety practices to navigating environmental challenges, we partner with organizations to achieve compliance and secure workplace environments.

Our key strengths include compliance assistance, data management, report preparation, sampling assistance, safety training, and general consulting.



Tier II/Hazardous Materials Reporting


PPC Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency (PPC) Plans


Spill Prevention Response (SPR) Plans


Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR)


Routine Tank Inspection Oversight


Groundwater Sampling


Soil Borings & Sampling


GIS Mapping


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Storage Tank Decommissioning


Suspected Release Investigations & Characterizations


Emergency Spill Response, Oversight & Reporting


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Taylor Geo Services Compliance and Training OSHA
As part of our offerings, we provide annual in-person 8-hour refresher courses designed to cater to the specific tasks and sites relevant to your industry. These courses are crafted to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations and to keep participants aware of the latest safety protocols.

Understanding the repetitive nature of many refresher courses, we have strived to inject practical relevance and engagement into our sessions. While covering the mandatory curriculum mandated by OSHA, we contextualize the material within everyday scenarios, ensuring participants can readily relate safety principles to their job roles. By fostering active participation and critical thinking, our tailored approach not only covers essential content but also reinforces a culture of safety compliance among employees. In previous training sessions, there has been a noticeable increase in employee/trainee engagement because of this customized approach. Please reach out to us for an initial consultation to begin your customized 8 HAZWOPER hour refresher.

Spill Prevention Response (SPR) and
Pollution Prevention Control Plans

A spill prevention response (SPR) plan is a comprehensive document outlining procedures and protocols to prevent, prepare for, respond and notification of others to potential spills of hazardous substances or pollutants at a facility. These documents serve as a proactive measure to minimize the environmental, health, and safety risks associated with accidental releases of hazardous materials.

With a commitment to environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance, our industrial client sought to establish a robust Spill Prevention Response (SPR) plan by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) guidelines.

TGS conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s facility, operations, and existing risk management practices to identify potential spill hazards and vulnerabilities. Using our in-depth knowledge of PADEP regulations, we conducted a comprehensive review to ensure that the SPR plan met all statutory requirements and aligned with relevant environmental standards. Recognizing the importance of collaboration and communication in spill response preparedness, TGS engaged with the County Emergency Planning Department to identify downstream facilities and establish communication channels for emergency notifications.

Drawing on our expertise in environmental risk management, we developed a detailed SPR plan tailored to the client’s facility, encompassing spill prevention measures, response protocols, containment strategies, and post-incident procedures.


Our team possesses extensive expertise in crafting both Spill Prevention Response (SPR) and Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) plans. Whether you’re seeking guidance on SPR or PPC plans, we’re here to help.

Taylor Geo Services Compliance and Training Spill Prevention

Tier II Emergency and
Hazardous Chemical Inventory


TGS has consistently supported an industrial client in fulfilling their annual Tier II reporting obligations under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) for several years. Our primary objective is to furnish state and local officials with comprehensive details regarding potential hazards. This encompasses precise information regarding the quantity and locations of hazardous chemicals present at client facilities throughout the preceding calendar year. The submitted report is disseminated to state authorities, county officials, and the local fire department.
Compliance and Training Hazardous chemicals Taylor Geo Services
Throughout our engagement, TGS has diligently maintained an accurate and updated inventory of chemical stockpiles, along with their respective locations, for our client. We possess extensive familiarity with state and local reporting systems, enabling swift and precise data input. Leveraging Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, we have crafted a digital map that precisely pinpoints each chemical storage area within the client’s facilities.
Furthermore, TGS has played a pivotal role in devising emergency response strategies, ensuring that client personnel are well-equipped to effectively manage hazardous incidents. By implementing these proactive measures, TGS not only facilitates regulatory compliance but also bolsters safety protocols for our client and the surrounding community.


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