Statement of Qualifications

Taylor GeoServices (TGS) is a full service environmental and geology consulting firm offering expertise in a variety of areas, including hydrogeology, environmental site assessments, soil and groundwater remediation, landfill services, public water supply, water resource studies, land use planning, GIS, geothermal ground source, stormwater management, watershed management, and resource mapping services.

To learn more about TGS and the specific services and assistance we can provide, we encourage you to look through our web site and read the Statement of Qualification (SOQ) below.  Please feel free to contact us directly to further discuss our services or a specific expertise you are looking for.

Statement of Qualification (SOQ)

1.0 Corporate Statement

2.0  Services

     2.1  Environmental Services

     2.2  Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

     2.3  Geothermal Services

     2.4  Hydrogoeology Services

     2.5  Indoor Building Environment Services

     2.6  Landfill Services

     2.7  Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

     2.8  Watershed Services

3.0  Resumes of Key Employees

4.0  References

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