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Jim Taylor, P.G. is a geologist with 30 years of experience in the environmental, water supply and mapping fields. Jim is a registered Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania and Delaware. He has a Geoscience degree from Penn State University, and a Master of Environmental Pollution Control from Penn State Great Valley. With all that PSU in his blood he definetly bleeds blue and white. Most of his carear has involved contaminant characterization and remediation, drinking water supply, and nitrate modeling. When not working Jim can usually be found biking or on some outdoor adventure. Resume for Jim Taylor

Andy Sokol, P.G. is a geologist with over 25 years of experience with landfills, environmental characterization, PA Act 2 compliance, and innovative sample collection. Andy is a registered Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania and Delaware. He has a degree in Geology from Penn State, and is that guy on field trips able to answer the leader's geology questions. To show off even further, he went and successfully completed the State's first "low risk" site closure.   Andy has extensive knowledge and experience in landfill compliance and deciphering complex geology and hydrogeology in the Triassic Basin. Andy is also an aspiring mountain bike rider who hopes to one day be able to take off his training wheels. Resume for Andy Sokol, P.G.

Mike Napolitan, P.G. has added a Masters Degree in Applied Geology from the University of Pennsylvania, to his ever expanding wealth of experience. Mike's extensive background includes geology and hydrogeology investigations of large scale corrective action projects, advanced technologies, landfills, water supply, resource exploration, GIS, modeling, geothermal testing and geophysics (just to name a few). Mike is lighting the consulting world on fire with his GIS mapping and relational database skills, and when he started using GIS to find favorable areas for water supply wells, geo-forensics, and managing complicated site data, we all agreed that GIS was not just a pretty map. Not being one to leave his work at the office, Mike manages his baby pictures on a wireless, geo-synchronized, inter-relational server, and heats the baby formula with his custom made geothermal, formation conductivity testing, heat transfer unit. Resume for Mike Napolitan, P.G.

Bill Gothier is now the resident senior scientist. With his experience at the County Soil Conservation District, Bill compliments our services with his extensive knowledge in watershed planning and restoration, stream bank stabilization, stormwater management, grant writing, and permit compliance. Who knows, he may even persuade us all to use rain barrels. Bill has since gone on to expand is technical skills to manage and oversee our numerous environmental cleanup actions. Resume for Bill Gothier

Dennis Fisher has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the environmental field with a multi-disciplined array of talents. Field investigations, sampling, regulatory compliance, asbestos surveys, mold inspections, USTs, and ESAs are just a few of his specialties. He is also a vital component to our landfill services, providing technical support, compliance assistance, and special waste acceptance. A talented golfer, if they had a contest, he would surely win the longest drive competition off the top of the waste pile. Resume for Dennis Fisher

Sunshyne Hummel has a geology degree from Kutztown University and Master of Science in Earth Sciences from Syracuse University. Her thesis focuses on hydrogeology and geochemistry using isotopes to characterize formation waters in hydrocarbon basins. With her strong geochemistry knowledge and management skills, Sunshyne is a key player in our landfill services. An avid outdoors enthusiast, 'Sure Shot Sunshyne' sends shivers up the spine of our opponents during company paint ball games. Glad she is on our team!

Alyssa Schell recently graduated from Muhlenberg College with a geology degree. Alyssa jumped in to the entry level position and started running. She assists with all aspects of the company from site characterizations and field investigations, to environmental site assessments, to landfill assistance. A born planner, Alyssa takes care of business during the day and is pursuing her Masters at Saint Joseph University by night. Her emphasis is on environmental protection and safety management, which complements our industrial compliance and health and safety services nicely. As an all-star collegiate softball player, we now have a ringer for the corporate softball games.

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